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@Campfit is a brand new health, fitness and nutrition scheme for children. Our schemes are based at outdoor education centres around the UK, enabling us to offer some first class activities, enriching the life of all our attendees. The schemes are designed to kick-start a new healthy lifestyle for all, whether that be a food relationship program, a confidence boost or just a week re-introducing yourself to the great outdoors.

@Campfit is a District Sports scheme, and our first residential offering. We have been running sports academies during the school holidays since 2001, coaching tens of thousands of children during school holidays. Our schemes run all around the UK helping promote a healthy action packed school holiday. Please visit the District Sports website for more information on our current activities:

Why @Campfit?

We are passionate about getting people to live a healthy lifestyle. We want children to get back to the outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and offer a fun safe environment for them to do so. Let’s join together in trying to encourage children to put the screens away for a few hours during the school holidays and get back outside for some good old fashioned mud, sweat and companionship.

Our aim is to re-invigorate your well-being with 5 day all inclusive course. We will put you into a 5 day intensive fitness course, creating a manageable fitness program for the duration of the scheme and also for your return home. A bespoke regime will be designed for each individual with your own personal circumstances considered.

Our schemes are designed to help and educate children about nutrition and diet. Re-introduce the importance of fuelling your bodies for the correct reasons. Food therapy will be a key aspect of your stay with us. Eating behaviours can lead to a number of long term issues, so through our on course therapy sessions, and post scheme programs we can help you gain control of dietary habits.

The percentages of obese children and adults or both that are living near sedentary lifestyles are reaching catastrophic levels. District Sports are determined to help combat this with our range of holiday activities and none more so than our brand new fitness scheme here at @Campfit.

Create a Legacy

We pride ourselves on adopting professional business values that are delivered by a first class quality service ethos that is focused on advancing health and fitness development through all our services. We ensure that all our sessions are all inclusive, that regardless of age or standards each participant can enjoy a safe, healthy, educational but fun session of physical education, helping to fight obesity.

We have designed this program to not only educate you on how to live a healthy nutritious lifestyle, but also a scheme to try to raise all attendees self-esteem and self-belief. The best way to do this is to spend a week with our motivational, inspirational team of staff. All our staff are handpicked to create the perfect environment for everyone to flourish, enabling them to enjoy a stress free week of fitness and adventure.