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What Will We Do @Campfit?

We have chosen activities ranging from some core sports and fitness classes, to some exciting adventure activities. Each day will start off with a morning fitness session, to get everyone up and active. We will then go into 3/4 adventure sessions (adults will do extra fitness); these could include anything from raft building to rock climbing with a high ropes course in between. An evening sports session will help finish the day off. Mixed in between you’ll have some quick fire workshops to help you understand your body, some fun team building sessions, and a selection of challenges to test your skills against the other competitors. Each day will also include interactive food therapy sessions (for those who require it), working together to try and establish where improvements can be made with your daily eating behaviours.

Adventure activities at each scheme will depend of the facilities available, please check the venues page for scheme specific details.

Our day will be broken into 3 types of Activity:




What Will a Child Camp Day Look Like?

7:00 Rise and Shine
You won’t be dreading the alarm today.
7:30 Breakfast
Enjoy a nutritional start to the day.
8:45 Morning Fitness Class
Don’t panic, we won’t work you too hard!
9:30 Quick Shower
Prepare for an adventure!
10:00 Activity Number 1
High Ropes Course.
11:30 Nutrition Workshop
Learn all about a healthy lifestyle.
12:00 Daily Competition
Take part to win prizes!
12:30 Lunch Time
Refuel for the afternoon’s activities.
2:00 Activity Number 2
Rock Climbing.
3:30 Activity Number 3
5:00 Afternoon Break
Time for a rest after a busy afternoon.
5:45 Evening Meal
It’s been a tough day, let’s eat!
7:00 Sports Session
Team Sport, let’s play Dodgeball!
8:00 And…Relax
Time to get the screens out.