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Release the Endorphins

The Fitness and Nutrition aspects of our new initiative are the most important factor of the scheme. Every single attendee will leave @Campfit with a far greater understanding how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Sports Coaching is our Business

District Sports has been delivering top quality sports coaching for over 15 years, and knows exactly how to get the best out of each and every participant. Along with some traditional methods we will be using some state of the art Smart Coaching Technology to analyse and educate.

Videos kindly supplied by Polar


Throughout the week we will be running a number of Nutrition Workshops, educating everyone on what is meant by a healthy diet. We all need advice on what is the right fuel for our body, portion sizes, moderation and re-hydration. You don’t need a degree in Nutrition to understand the basics and live a happy healthy lifestyle. We will put each individual through a 5 day intensive food therapy course. Creating a sustainable eating plan to move forward after the scheme has finished, offering therapy packages and ongoing support programmes to help you with your future relationships to food.