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@Campfit is the perfect way for your children to experience a week away home.

Independence is a crucial attribute for all children, but also be safe in the knowledge that they are enjoying a healthy, fitness camp, under the supervision of fully qualified, experienced staff, in facilities that are designed for the safety and well-being of all participants.

We are hoping to build great friendships with all the children and parents, caring for each child’s needs and ensuring that all aspects of our camp are being delivered to maximize the development of each child.

Our camps are 5-day residential schemes for a reason…

One of the key reasons why we decided to create our first residential scheme was to give us the opportunity to build trust with the children, and to ensure we had time to get our message across. Starting children out on the correct path and teaching them positive effects of exercise and a healthy diet is now more important than ever.

District Sports has been delivering sports session to children for over 15 years, we have also chosen facility providers that have been operating for over half a century. These market leaders can provide exhilarating activities that are fun, exciting, but most importantly safe.

“This is not just a week away but a life changing opportunity. We are extremely proud of the package that we have put together, and believe that we can have a positive effect on every child that participates in our camps.”

Neil Bond – District Sports.