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Parent FAQs

Can you explain the Sibling Discount?

We offer a 25% sibling discount if you have two children attending on the same week of @Campfit. Your first child pays full price for that week’s attendance, then the second child gets 25% discount.

What should I do when I arrive?
We ask all our attendees to arrive by 12 noon on the first day of the scheme. If you then head to reception you will be sent to our @Campfit coordinator for introductions and registration.

How do I complete my booking procedure?
When you book your child’s place online, you will receive a confirmation email immediately. 6 weeks prior to the scheme (or less depending on your booking time) you will receive an enrolment pack through the post. This will include:
– To Do List
– Dietary Information form
– Medical information Form
– Kit List
– Consent forms
These forms are to be returned to Head Office in a pre-paid envelope.

What is the earliest time I can drop my children off on the first day?

The scheme will open from 10am, please arrive by 12 noon. Early arrivals will have the option of some sport activities.

Can I use Childcare Vouchers?

Unfortunately we are not a registered organization to receive childcare vouchers.

My child has specific medical requirements, what should I do?

Please add any medical information onto the consent form, and also make the organiser aware of it on your first morning. A special note can be added to the signing in sheet. Dentist, Doctors or any other appointments during the week, are not a problem. You can take your child out, and bring them back if required. Please ensure that you sign them out and make the organiser aware of this at the beginning of the day.

Will my child need any particular clothing or equipment?

Our Venues will provide all the specialist equipment necessary for your child to undertake activities. They will however need some suitable clothing and footwear. You will receive a kit list in your enrolment pack. (Examples: Cagoule or waterproof, Sports Kit, Training shoes etc)

What time will children go to bed?

All children will go to bed between 9pm – 10pm (age dependent), after a long day’s activity we will all need the rest!

What will you feed my child?

Below is a sample menu for PGL. All our venues will provide similar options. Healthy food is a very important option on our schemes, so rest assured your child will receive 3 nutritious, high energy meals to help them get through a tough day. Vegetarian options will be available. We will need to be notified of any special dietary requirements in advance of the scheme.
Breakfast • Bacon • Scrambled Eggs • Baked Beans • (v) Quorn Sausage • Brown and White Toast • Preserves • Choice of 3 Cereals • Semi-Skimmed Milk • Yoghurts • Fresh fruit

Lunch • Soups and Breads • (v) Stuffed Peppers • Beef Bolognaise • Jacket potato • Pasta • Sweetcorn • Selection of Salads, Couscous, Coleslaw and Rice • Fresh Fruit

Dinner • Soup and Breads • (v) Mushroom and Courgette Lasagne • Sweet and Sour Pork • Roast Beef • Gravy • Pasta • Roast Potatoes • Cabbage • Baby Carrots • Selection of Salads, Couscous, Coleslaw and Rice • Jam Roly Poly and Custard • Fresh Fruit

Drinks •Tea, Coffee, Squash and Water with all Meals

Can my child bring a mobile phone or a ipad (tablet)?

We do appreciate that in 2014 children will want to communicate with friends and family. We will allow children to bring electronics, but these will only be used at set times during the day. We are not insured against these items, so users will bring them at their own risk. We will offer to collect them in at the end of the session and store them safely.

What night-time supervision will my child have?

We will help get everyone to bed, and then after lights out staff will be accompanied by the facility night staff. They reassure the anxious, encourage the high spirited to settle down and continue their vigil until all is quiet. At centres where children need to leave their tent or lodge to get to the toilet facilities, security staff patrol the campsite or accommodation area throughout the night. Elsewhere there is a night duty rota and a member of staff can be contacted at any time should the need arise. Centre doors are locked, although these can be opened from the inside in case of emergency.

What if my child has no experience with the activities?

No previous experience is required. We cater for all ability levels.

What about bedding?

We do not supply bedding. Please check the kit list that is sent through to you. Our facilities can supply bedding at a hire cost of £21 per child if you are unable to bring your own.

What happens if my child needs medication?

Please provide us with all medical information prior to the scheme. All medication will be handed to staff on arrival with details of dosage, administration and storage requirements. Staff are also on hand with first aid qualifications and pre-established links with local doctors, dentists and hospitals in case of emergency. Full records of treatment will be documented and parents/guardians will always be alerted in a real emergency.

Will you cancel if the weather is bad?

Absolutely not. Most of our activities will continue in the rain, slight changes may be made to the timetable under the discretion of the organizer.

Will my child need spending money?

Vending machines and a tuck shop are available on our sites; however this will be at the discretion of the parents.

How will I contact my child?

You will always be able to make contact with your child if required. Give the scheme coordinator a call, and they will make suitable arrangements.

Do you have any online policies?

Please visit the District sports Site for downloadable policies: