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Safety First


Each of our selected venues has a rigorous safety policy. We realise that with any residential scheme, trusting your child’s supervisors is paramount.

Our venues safety measures include:
– Staff uniform and name badges with photograph
– Visitor badges for accompanying teachers
– CCTV and security barriers are provided at some centres
– Night security patrols are provided at some centres
– Duplicate accommodation keys for the Party Leader (where applicable)
– Duty Instructor on call 24 hours

In addition, our Campfit Staff will be onsite with the children for the whole of their stay ensuring that all children feel safe.

safety management

Each of our venues has a detailed safety management system, to ensure that all their activities are safe and regularly maintained.

Risk Assessments are available on request.

For more information on Safety please click on the following links:
JCA Adventure Health & Safety
PGL Peace of Mind

Regulatory ratios will always be implemented in line with governing body guidelines. Our @Campfit staff will accompany the children on all activities, and will always be at their side.