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Child Obesity is hitting an all-time high in the UK, and is looking set to increase dramatically over the next decade. The World Health Organisation has described this as one of the most serious global health challenges of our generation. The knock on effect of this is obese adults, but its never too late to turn your fitness around.

Part of our plan is to be able to work with the local NHS, and G.Ps to be able to offer a subsidised place to children and adults that need it the most. Obviously the scheme has a cost to attend, so we are looking for corporate sponsors to directly fund the places of selected individuals to make our schemes inclusive.

Your sponsorship would be spent directly on providing the finances to enable selected individuals within the local community to attend our life changing scheme. Our sponsorships could help in raising brand awareness, for creating positive associations and PR, for providing engagement opportunities for people and clients and for building pride in the firm. Just a small amount of investment could directly change the lives of selected individuals.

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